Leah Nolden

Personalized Hair Care Plan

Hair ID: 3d3a1a

Hair Category & Texture: Natural and Coily

Hair Challenges: Hair Loss, Dryness, Hair Growth, High Porosity, Product Buildup

Hair Analysis Results

Hair Health Summary


Hi Leah! Your hair analysis results show generally good elasticity which protects your curl pattern and ability to go from curly to straight styles in a healthy way. Your porosity is high which affects your moisture retention and most likely causing your issues with dryness. Your hair is a little more fine in the crown of your hair. You also have quite a bit of product build up due to relying on the use of cowashing vs. a cleanser. Our system recommended products, ingredients, and regimens that will start to help with your hair challenges. We look forward to meeting you during your virtual consultation!


Diameter Porosity Elasticity
Strand Diameter (Top Left) 85.99

(product build up)

high good
Strand Diameter (Top Right) 75.86

(product build up/breakage)

high good
Strand Diameter (Bottom Left) 103.6

(product buildup)

high good
Strand Diameter (Bottom Right) 84.33

(product buildup)

high good
Strand Diameter (Crown) 60.28 high good
Mean Diameter 84.33 coarse textured hair

Recommended Hair Products

Recommended Ingredients

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Recommended Styling Techniques

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