Mya & Vana

It all started when…

Mya and Vana met when they were five years old in grade school and have been best friends ever since. They grew up in a small town in North Carolina. Mya was a top science student excelling in chemistry and mathematics. She graduated valedictorian of their high school class. Vana flourished in the arts becoming a photographer protege’ her sophomore year. Her art and talent landed her a full ride scholarship to a renown artistic institution. After college, Mya got a job with a large chemical company in New York and Vana entered into the film and photography industry in Los Angeles. Mya says her long cocoa tresses are versatile and make her feel beautiful and confident while at her corporate job and in the lab. Vana’s pink curls are a statement all their own. In her words, “My hair is an extension of my expression.”

Once Mya caught word of a new hair care technology system based in Atlanta, she called her bestie and proposed that they get in on this new adventure. In partnership with Myavana, Mya and Vana are the hosts of Sisters of the Strand blog documenting their own hair journeys and making it their mission to save women’s strands all over the world.

Sisters Of The Strand

SOTS was created with you in mind, our lovely sisters across the globe. This community is to show off the immensely beautiful magic of our tresses in different forms of media. From curly, kinky, straight, and wavy we have something for everyone. Your media representation is here! We will also be providing education about our hair and ways that you can get your own hair analyzed in order to achieve your hair’s optimal health and beauty.